Green Squirrel is a Community Interest Company - that means that the money we generate through our activities goes back into our community to make it happier, healthier, and more resilient. 

We've been offering eco activities and creative sustainability engagement opportunities in Cardiff and South Wales since 2012. 


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Green Squirrel is run by Becca Clark with help from Hannah Garcia. Becca and Hannah both live on Railway Street in Splott and are passionate about their local community. They're supported by an amazing community of Green Team staff, tutors and organisations and individuals across Cardiff who help us make Green Squirrel happen. Please visit our website to find out more about our work. 


Ten members of the local community have formed a steering group and will start meeting to guide the project from July 2019 onwards. We're really grateful for their time and support and we'll introduce them to you as soon as we can.


This project will support the people of Splott and Adamsdown as well as a

wider community of Cardiff residents interested in lower impact living.

Here's why we think our area deserves a green community hub:

  • According to the 2014 Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation, Splott and Adamsdown are among the most deprived areas in Wales. 

  • The Cardiff Open Space survey also shows that both wards have a deficit of open space by 19.5% (Adamsdown) and 12.6% (Splott) when compared to the standard recreational open space requirement. When we asked the community to describe local issues and needs, 42.2% of respondents told us that there's not enough green space, with many people describing the benefits to physcial health and wellbeing that outdoor space brings.  


  • Both areas have lost access to training, support, and opportunities for social integration following the end of funding for Communities First earlier in 2018. 


  • The Edible Adamsdown group have also lost their well loved and well-cared for community garden when the Communities First Resource Centre closed. 


  • Adamsdown residents lost yet more of their little remaining green space when Howard Gardens was sold off to build a third block of student flats in the ward. 


  • Our parks and play areas are badly affected by litter, anti-social behaviour, and a lack of investment in play equipment and facilities. 


  • Residents have tolerated significant noise, traffic, and disruption for several years during the work on the bridges. 


But most importantly, we know that our community have the skills, the generosity, and the motivation to make this project a success. We've been humbled and inspired by well over a hundred offers of help and support from local people and organisations - in particular, we'd like to thank:

Lucie Taylor (CLAS) - Amanda Spence and Rhian Thomas (ALT Architecture) - Jodie and Bryce Davies (The Bone Yard) - Lynne Thomas - Daniel Barnett - Bren Hardiman - Lou Clarke - Clara Dauksta - Repair Cafe Wales - Sopie Rae (Ripple) - InkSplott - Kara Brussen - One Fox Lane - Jane Henshaw - Ed Stubbs - Huw Thomas 


- Jessie, community member and project supporter