• Hannah Garcia

Inspire the Railway Gardens logo!

We have a site, we have a name… it’s time we had a logo! You are invited to create a design that will form the basis of the project’s logo and branding, making us instantly recognisable near and far.

We're asking for your help to create the project's logo design - here's how to get involved:

Who can take part?

This is open to all ages and to anyone who considers themselves part of the Railway Gardens community. You don’t need to have any particular level of drawing ability.

How do I take part?

Draw or paint your logo idea, keeping in mind the following guidelines:

  • Your design should fit inside a circle without too many empty white spaces.

  • It should use a maximum of three colours.

  • Keep it simple - it’ll need to shrink down really small without losing detail. Imagine your design needs to look good on a pin badge!

  • Think about what you want your design to communicate:

Local heritage?

Community and working together?

Living sustainably and fighting climate change?

Making our area greener?

Something else?

Photograph or scan your design and email it to us at If there’s anything you’d like to tell us about what inspired your design then please include that in the email, and if you’re under 18 please let us know your age.

What happens next?

The Railway Gardens advisory group, made up of 18 community members, will choose a design and the Green Squirrel team will use it to create the Railway Gardens branding. It’s possible that elements of more than one design will be picked - we’ll let you know if yours is

chosen and we'll share the finished design in April.

What’s the deadline?

Please make sure your design reaches us by March 14th. If you’ve got any questions then do let us know.

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